Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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    Cyber security is a core requirement of a digitally driven business, securing the business from evolving threat actors are vital for business sustainability. Through Smartworld’s cyber security offerings, businesses gain access to proven cybersecurity technologies deployed and operated by qualified consultants. Our mission is to boost cyber defenses; by providing cyber risk profiles through assessment of digital defenses, customized trainings for customers to timely detect and respond to advance cyber-attacks and by deploying cyber defense technologies based on risk prioritization.


    Endpoint Security:

    No organization would like to see malicious activities at endpoint level. Organizations today are looking for newer and more capable ways to gain visibility and to secure their devices against sophisticated attacks. Smartworld has served government and enterprise grade customers with the leading vendors in the endpoint security industry. Our cyber security team can deploy endpoint protection platforms, detection, and response tools as well as other advanced technologies to aid your endpoint strategy.

    Infrastructure Security:

    Our infrastructure team has expertise in cyber security architecture, enterprise wide deployment, integration & support. We offer state of the art cyber security solutions to improve your cyber defense architecture and operations. By combining vendor technology with our system integration experience, we add substantial value to your business security operations as we design, configure, and tune your solution to thwart evolving cyber-attacks and rigorous compliance requirements. Our services include security architecture, technology selection, managed support, deployment, and integration.

    Cyber Security Operation Center Solutions:

    Build it once, build it right is the only acceptable answer to CSOC projects. Building out a cyber security operations center is a cumbersome task, but if executed properly it can do wonders in any organization cyber defense strategy. Smartworld has extensive experience and trained consultants in building CSOCs for large enterprises from scratch which includes:

    • SOC functions
    • Layout planning
    • Identifying assets and adversaries
    • Tools & technology
    • Team hiring and training
    • SecOps Consultancy
    • Governance, operational metrics & KPIs

    Incident Response Services:

    Given today’s evolving cyber threats, it is highly probable to face a cyber-attack. If your incident program does not include proactive response plan, then substantial loses may occur on cyber front. Through our esteemed partner Crowdstrike, We resells IR retainer services for our prestigious customers by allowing them to be strike ready in case of any cyber-attack. If your organization hasn’t called on our partner services, your remaining value can be applied to a wide range of proactive services that will mature and improve your cybersecurity posture.

    Cyber Range Services:

    We believe having a battle trained cyber security force is a key to defend against sophisticated and nation state attacks. With cyber-attacks on the rise, there’s a genuine need for a hyper realistic simulation platform where an isolated virtual SOC environment is built to simulate cyber-attacks. Range services prepares your security team for the potential attack, by providing a hyper-realistic and isolated environment equipped with different tools in which they can train and respond to on-going adversary activity. Our range services prepare your cyber defense team and red team with a wide range of simulated training scenarios, from entry level individual training to advanced, multi-stage attacks and team training.

    Security Awareness Training:

    Information security incidents have been part of the most trending news over the past one decade. From large corporations to small businesses, every organization is sharing the pain of being attacked or being the victim of data theft. Successful breaches are caused by human errors or lack of awareness among working personnel. Cyber security attacks are on the rise and are getting more sophisticated with time as hackers are taking advantage from the weakest link that are “humans”. In line with UAE government Cyber Security strategy, We are keen to provide user awareness training to help them safely use and interact with digital assets.


    Cyber Security Partner:

    Crowdstrike | Menlo | Pulse Secure | Securonix | RangeForce | Forcepoint | Fortinet | Palo Alto | Infoblox | Sandvine 


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