Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

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    Today’s technology empowers corporate security system specialists to effectively monitor all known threat avenues and gain visibility into any activity that does not fit the norm of staff members, legitimate visitors, or IT system users. Smartworld approaches surveillance systems design by involving all facility stakeholders. The result is a holistic solution that assures a faster, more effective threat response.

    Closed Circuit TV Surveillance Systems:

    An integral part of surveillance systems, CCTV provides real-time visual surveillance of key traffic areas, including the exterior, hallways, lobbies, or where you want 24/7 eyes. Smartworld CCTV systems feature pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras that allow your team to remotely control a camera, assuring no unseen gaps. The CCTV system can be integrated with existing infrastructure. They provide alerts or can trigger actions and record all activity for review if required. Smartworld systems include diverse resolutions and focal lengths, along with analytics for facial recognition.

    Automatic Number Recognition System:

    Our automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) reads vehicle registration plates using advanced optical character recognition technologies to create vehicle ownership, type, and location profile. ANPR is capable of recognizing the characters and the origin of plates on vehicles as well as the car model, make, and color. Able to capture data in any environment or time of day, our ANPR systems are effective even when the vehicle is traveling at high speeds. Smartworld can tailor an ANPR system to meet your current and future surveillance system needs.

    Under Vehicle Scanning System:

    Under vehicle scanning system performs a scan of the vehicle underside to detect any unauthorized objects or threats. Our solution includes a scanning camera that is placed on the ground over which vehicles pass. It provides an efficient and easy way to improve security at large gatherings or sensitive facilities.

    Face Recognition:

    Face recognition 1:1 & 1:N engines are suited to various applications, with algorithms are selected based on the environment in which they will operate. Verification technology, such as that used to open your mobile phone, is 1:1; verifying that you are the person you say you are. Larger scale applications deploy 1:N, where a 3D image is compared to a database for the purposes of identifying persons of interest. Our FR engines’ many benefits include proper authentication from cross-referencing the live image with a database to identifying blacklisted individuals captured on remote public TV cameras.

    Thermal Imaging:

    Smartworld thermal imaging sensors range from fixed cooled thermal cameras to handheld thermal imaging units to detect a minute difference in surface temperature. Law enforcement and surveillance are key security uses because of the system’s capability to isolate humans and animals’ body temperature, even from a drone. Energy loss in HVAC and building systems is a common application, as is detecting potential machine failure by temperature increases in mechanical systems. Smartworld competency in thermal imaging is superior to meet or exceed relevant organizational and industry knowledge and skills that will be required.

    Security Intercom System:

    We offer a wide range of wired and wireless intercom systems such as residential intercoms for communication between residents and guests and the security intercom system used to alert security command center in emergencies (fire, disaster, etc.) Like all Smartworld communications systems, intercoms are built to specifications and can be as simple or as complex as customers require. They can be standalone but are typically integrated with ELV communications and surveillance systems.


    We offer LiDAR-based solutions for various industries to perform applications such as mapping, 3D representations, ranging, perimeter control, etc. Smartworld LiDAR sensors are superior to most others, providing highly accurate centimeter-level point clouds.

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