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Safety and Reliability Protect Your Grid

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    Safety and Reliability Systems provide safe-haven for life & assets by pre-empting fault or anomaly in electrical systems. It reduces downtime and helps to achieve the intended life of an asset keeping your business resilient. Our subject matter experts innovate and implement leading technologies ensuring customer delight. Our expertise spans across survey & study, measurement, design, audit, testing & commissioning, validation, RCA, and O&M Expert Services.


    Earthing Management System:

    Earthing system provides a low resistance path for fault dissipation to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical systems. It keeps the voltage at low levels during fault conditions to save valuable life and high-value assets. Our experts perform earthing health assessment audit to identify anomalies and provide executable solutions as per international standards. We provide the world’s best earth-enhancing compounds and copper accessories for improved earthing systems. We also rejuvenate existing earthing systems from conventional to maintenance-free systems and offer the world’s first patented IoT-based remote monitoring solution for Earthing Management.

    Lightning Management System:

    Lightning energy is a high-energy electrostatic discharge during a thunderstorm. This high-intensity electrical, mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic energy must be channelized and dissipated instantaneously to avert hazard. Conventional Lightning Protection System (LPS) is now upgraded to an advanced IoT-based remote monitoring solution – Lightning Management System, that can predict, discharge, monitor, and analyze lightning strikes. Our experts audit existing structures and implement appropriate corrections to achieve optimal safety.

    Power Quality:

    Power quality measures the capacity of the electrical equipment to consume the energy being supplied to it. Equipment behaviour deteriorates due to power quality issues such as harmonics, poor power factor, voltage instability, and imbalance and thus affects the efficiency of electrical equipment. Our experts perform power quality audits to achieve safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment (such as circuit breakers, motors, fans, CNC machines, computers, etc). This audit helps to identify the anomalies in electrical power quality and provides a suitable mitigation plan to overcome the issues found.

    Electromagnetic Management System:

    With evolving technologies, asset management & risk mitigation for electrical and electronic systems are becoming more complex. These complex systems are susceptible to electromagnetic interference and prone to electrical faults resulting in accidents, service disruptions, and escalated costs in operations and maintenance. Our safety and reliability service offers EM management solutions that provide mitigation solutions through audits testing and measurements.

    Power System Study:

    A power systems study includes engineering analysis & investigations to have a safe, efficient, and reliable power system for your facility under both normal and faulty conditions. Our safety and reliability services include transient analysis caused by utility switching operations or lightning strikes to electric facilities. These transients have the potential to damage equipment or disrupt operations causing heavy losses. We use the latest software such as ETAP, EMTP, CDEGS & PSCAD to perform such study and analysis.

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